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The End / Omega



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Metal Zone (LSP Comp) www.metalzone.be Belgium


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Radios that plays our music

Name and Website

Other Webpage

Rock Show - BBC 6 Myspace UK
Total Rock Myspace UK
Digital Discharge Myspace UK
Rock 247 Myspace UK
Insomnia Radio Myspace UK
Pyro - NRK P3 Myspace Norway
Symphonium Myspace Norway
Pheonix Radio Myspace UK / USA
Rock Nation Radio Myspace USA
The core Myspace USA
KWTF - Wrath Of V. Metal Myspace USA
Zsentient MetalCast Myspace USA
Powerhousemix Myspace USA
Galactic World Radio Myspace USA
Power Metal radio Myspace Netherlands
Radio MoonRock Myspace Netherlands
The Noise Hour Myspace Spain
Dark Wave Myspace France
Z Rock Radio - Brutallica Myspace Bulgaria
Metalnet Radio Myspace Canada
Kingdomfall Radio Myspace Canada
CILU Radio Myspace Canada
Whiplash - Metal Myspace Canada
Radio Powerplant Myspace Germany
Radio Fabrik Myspace Germany