Epicus Records was founded in October 2006 by Thomas Chr. Hansen

Thomas has been working with music non stop since 1992, and he is the singer,
guitarist and band leader of the Norwegian Power Metal band Gaia Epicus.
In this band he has had many jobs like: Music and lyrics composer, Manager,
Tour Manager, Tour Booker, Webpage creator/designer and editor, Promotion
Manager, Video and Music video maker and much, much more...

Epicus Records was started mainly to release the music of Gaia Epicus
and other projects that Thomas is making, but we have now started to look
for other bands to. We cannot promise you the same kind of record deal as
other labels do, but we can sure give you some things that other labels can't.
So if you would like to send in your demo's I will try and listen to them and give
you a feedback if I have the time.

Epicus Records do NOT invest any money in other bands albums!
The only bands that might be released on this label must finace their own album.
If your band is planning to invest money to make and release an album, but you
do not have any distribution network. Then Epicus Records might be right for you.
But if we don't believe in your music and realy like it then there's no deal.

Good Luck!

One of the reasons I wanted to make my own label is because there is so
many corrupt labels in this industry, and after having experienced just that I
finally decided it's time to make my own label. And by having my own label
I have total control over the music I make and release.

The label will focus on these Rock and Metal styles:
Melodic, Power, Speed, Thrash, Prog & Symphonic.

Best Metal Regards